Cult Busters

My Party.

Grasping his pen tightly, Grok hunches himself over the desk, scrawling down on the parchment in the only tongue he knows how to write, Abyssal. The written language of Common still eluded his understanding, yet this demonic text came naturally to him, like it was engraved in his being. He was not learned, his education sparse at best beyond basic numeracy for the ease of counting animals

22nd Quintilis, 800th year of the Emperor.

So I find myself wandering the lands with a bunch of adventurers. At first the very notion of being thrust unto a group of strangers was one that troubled me down to my core, but it appears I have become quite attached to this strange group of people.

But what do they make of me? To them I am a curiosity, a strange mix of what should be a mortal enemy and a domesticated pet to a good-hearted Master. Do I resent my situation? No. I have been brought up well, and I am not ashamed of the position of trust given to me regardless of species disadvantage, I can only hope I am proving myself worthy of equal standing among my peers.

The rest of the party are a good bunch;

Deric the Paladin I am respectful of, in fact i’m downright grateful he didn’t just deem me as Demonborn when he first met me and try to shove his hammer up my arse, I think we’ve managed to at least gain a professional friendship. He has done no wrong, as any Paladin should. Trustworthy for sure, and surprisingly good fun in a scrap. I’m glad my Lord deemed him to be the de-facto leader of our group, as much as I enjoy the others company I would rather be taking orders from a hardened fighter like him, with a clear head on his shoulders.

Kavak’i on the other hand I consider a man after my own heart. Quiet, reserved and always eager to wade in with that axe and start swinging. I’ve never seen someone savage so many enemies with such rage, yet such control. It’s like watching a hurricane doing ballet when he starts charging. His people he refers to seem like they have the right idea about things, and wise minds. One day perhaps, before I am too old in the muzzle, I’ll venture to his homelands.

Jaden, gobshite who can’t keep his tongue in check for five seconds but a decent guy when you get to know him. Sometimes I find myself questioning his motives and judgement, but then again he’s no less a mercenary then the rest of us. Sure, Deric may have motives of goodness, and the Barbarian may just want a fight, but Jaden is very much in it for the money. In a way I guess it makes him the least likely to do something stupid.

Erin, I miss her. I was not there to witness her fate, only heard of her sacrifice through others but the party morale is shot without her. I find myself thinking of her from time to time, so very young and fragile, the places we ventured to were no place for such a small girl yet she showed the bravery of an army of hardened men. She will always remain a hero.

Lily, now she is a turn up for the books. The last time I saw her she seemed about 3 foot shorter and far more naive about the world. Yet here she is as a woman, a Bard no less (who usually I have less time for then poachers, and give them the same treatment) and still a talented talker. I need to lay off the protective, overbearing warden role though, although I find myself shielding her out of instinct rather then conscious thought. I guess old habits die hard.

Eben. The less said about this creature the better. I have that death-warrent sitting in my bag and by Torm I cannot wait for the day I get to unseal it and follow the orders to the letter. I do not consider this abombination anything less then a liability, and it is only the irony that I too can be considered a dangerous race that keeps me acting civil towards this insane creature.

Wherever we are headed though, whatever the next stop on our road will be, at least I know I have for the most part good company. They rely on me as much as I rely on them, and while it strokes my ego to know at least they would probably be still wandering around in circles in the same patch of forest without me, I am glad to be alongside them.



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